Snow Leopard Expedition

Welcome to an extraordinary adventure with the Women’s Travel Club, where the majestic landscapes of Ladakh unfold, revealing a realm of enchanting wildlife and cultural wonders. Our exclusive tour is designed to immerse you in the elusive world of the Snow Leopard, a journey that promises both excitement and serenity in equal measure.

Embark on an exhilarating expedition as we trace the elusive Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep, Ibex, and Shapo through the rugged terrain of Ladakh. Whether by 4WD or on foot, our experienced guides will lead you to the heart of these magnificent creatures’ habitats, providing an up-close encounter with the mesmerizing beauty of the Himalayan wilderness.

Nestled amidst this pristine landscape, our accommodations feature the warmth and hospitality of Ladakhi Homestays, ensuring a comfortable and authentic experience. Indulge in home-cooked meals that tantalize your taste buds with local flavors, creating a culinary journey that mirrors the richness of Ladakh’s culture.

But our journey goes beyond the thrill of tracking wildlife; it is a holistic exploration of Ladakh’s cultural tapestry. Delve into the intricacies of snow leopard conservation through engaging sessions and discussions, gaining insights into the efforts taken to protect these endangered species.

As we traverse the land, our adventure is punctuated with visits to ancient Buddhist monasteries, where the spiritual essence of Ladakh comes to life. Marvel at the architectural wonders, immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings, and embrace the unique blend of nature and culture that Ladakh generously offers.

Join us on this Women’s Travel Club tour, where each moment is a step closer to the rare and the extraordinary, a journey that celebrates the untamed beauty of Ladakh and the magnificent Snow Leopard.



  • 5-nights deluxe hotel
  • All meals from arrival in Leh till departure
  • Breakfast in Delhi
  • Refreshments and snacks with water while on the road
  • Private transfer
  • Professional English speaking naturalist (snow leopard expert)
  • Track Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep, Ibex and Shapo by 4 WD and on foot
  • Witness the morning prayers at Thiksey monastery
  • Visit the Shey Gompa and Hemis Monastery
  • Visit Alchi Monastry
  • Very small group – 6 to 10 members
  • Gratuities
  • Women’s Travel Club tour host


**Prices are subject to change and availability. Space is limited, and activities and specific hotels are subject to change.


Pre-Booking Only

Pre-book now to hold your spot. As soon as we have full details and pricing, we will let you know. At that time, you can decide if you would like to confirm this tour. If you do book, you will save $100 off the tour as a thank you for showing us your interest.

Activity Level

High Activity. There are times when you will be tracking the snow leopards on foot.  The altitude, extreme cold, and terrain mean that a basic level of fitness is essential.

Group Size

Minimum: 4 members
Maximum: 10 members


  • International Airfare
  • Visa/passport handling fees
  • Meals not listed in itinerary
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Gratuities on personal purchases
  • Optional Activities
  • Expenses of a Personal Nature
  • Early check-in and late check-out of hotel
  • Travel Insurance

Tour Host

Women’s Travel Club tours are hosted tours. Your tour host is in addition to local tour guides. Your Women’s Travel Club tour host is your tour concierge, and she is there to make sure every part of the tour runs smoothly. Our trained hosts are seasoned travelers who are with you every step of your tour so that you only have to worry about enjoying yourself and having fun.
The Women’s Travel Club Tour Host for this tour is Marianne Southall.

Roommate Matching Policy

Roommate matching is done as a courtesy, and while most matches result in wonderful friendships, success is not guaranteed. If, during the tour, you decide you would no longer like to share a room with your roommate, you will need to request (and pay for) a single room at all accommodations. This can be shared between the two people in the room if it is a mutual decision. If you are a very light sleeper or snore, you may want to consider getting your own single room.

Flight Information

The Women’s Travel Club recommends booking flexible or refundable air tickets when possible.

Arrive to Delhi, India  – Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) – any time on or before the first day of tour.
Depart from Delhi, India  – Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)  – Last day of the tour.

If you would like assistance booking international flights for your tour, please use the form below. The Women’s Travel Club Flight Desk will work with you to arrange the best options.
Our flight management fee is CAD 100.00 + HST per tour.
Flight Quote

Travel Insurance:

Out-of-country medical insurance is required. We strongly recommend that you obtain cancellation and interruption insurance to protect your investment.
Use this link to request an insurance quote.

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Lemon Tree Aerocity

The plush and spacious interiors at the new Lemon Tree Premier, Delhi Airport, take the zing up a notch.

This chain of upper-midscale business and leisure hotels elevates the Lemon Tree experience while retaining the same freshness, quirkiness, and energy that Lemon Tree is well known for. Lemon Tree Premier pampers the style conscious and upbeat traveler with its personalized services, premium in-room amenities, award winning restaurants, and fun experiences.The hotel, with its 280 smartly furnished rooms and suites, offers you a wide array of accommodation options.

The Grand Dragon

Established in the year 2007, The Grand Dragon Ladakh, one of the first luxury hotels in Ladakh, is owned and operated by the Abdu family from Leh, who have more than 40 years of experience welcoming visitors to the beautiful region. It is decorated magnificently with handmade paintings by Gulam Mustafa (First modern Artist of Ladakh) around every corner, and fixtures that are reminiscent of royalty.



SHAN AT ULEY – A family run lodge located high in the beautiful village of Ulley in the Sham region of central Ladakh.

The idea behind the SHAN AT ULEY was to create a comfortable base with heat, good food, and little luxuries like real coffee, comfortable beds, toilets, and washing facilities from which one can search for snow leopards and other high altitude wildlife in relative comfort without having to deal with the exhausting issues of camping in the intense cold of these high mountains, aggravated by high altitude.

Rooms vary in size with views and natural light. Each room is furnished with comfortable bedding, modern amenities, traditional Ladakhi décor, and a warm atmosphere.
Morning tea and coffee are served either in your room or in the lounge, depending on your preference.

Note: Because of constant freezing temperatures, there is no running water. Hot and cold water is constantly available in buckets. Toilets are western style with a ‘bucket flush’.

*Hotels are subject to change. If circumstances require a change of accommodations, a hotel of similar level will be substituted.


Through our own clients and networking clubs we have realized a general desire for women to travel but they don’t always have a companion. We developed the Women’s Travel Club for these women to have a fun and safe group to travel with. We offer a wide range of destinations, so that there is something for everyone.

We have women of all ages, with the average being 45 to 65 years. However, we do have regular travelers anywhere from 30 years to over 80 years of age.

We do not include international flights in the price of our tours. Not including the cost of international flights in the cost of the tour allows members the flexibility to get the flight schedule, price and class of service that best suits them. The Women's Travel Club flight desk will be happy to help arrange your international flights.

Yes, we always negotiate the best possible single supplement rate for our trips. Single spots fill quickly and may be limited so we suggest you book early for a single spot.

Yes, each of our booking forms has an area for you to request to be matched with a roommate. We get some general information that will help us match you with a great new friend.

Yes, you will need a visa to travel to India. You can apply online for your visa at -

The Snow Leopard Lodge is a simple, comfortable wildlife operation packed with all necessary creature comforts to provide a comfortable base at the heart of snow leopard country to explore. The lodge has electricity from the grid with generator backup. Heating in rooms is achieved by a mix of electrical and wood-based heaters.

The Snow Leopard Lodge is a simple, comfortable wildlife operation packed with all necessary creature comforts to provide a comfortable base at the heart of snow leopard country to explore. The lodge has electricity from the grid with generator backup. Heating in rooms is achieved by a mix of electrical and wood-based heaters.

Running water is not possible in the bathrooms during the winter as everything freezes, including the pipes. Hot, cold, and room temperature water will be provided in buckets (24 hrs), including for flushing and the wash basin.

Leh is completely cut off in the winter months and this makes bringing in fresh supplies a lot harder than usual. Food at the lodge is cooked using ingredients that are available at that time in the local markets and villages. Most of the food is locally sourced. The cuisine is a mix of Indian, Chinese, Ladakhi and continental meals and are served on a fixed menu basis. Guest preferences are taken into consideration ( if informed in advance ) when these menus are setup. Specific food requests or allergies need to be mentioned in advance so that the right ingredients can be flown in on time.

Once at the lodge, they have team members who are first aid certified. The closest medical subcentre is 30 mins away and a hospital is a 2 hour drive. We would also like to add that guest health is the primary concern and if we feel there is a situation, the call taken by the team at the lodge will be final. It is important that one immediately informs the lodge staff of any kind of symptom to ensure the issue is addressed at the earliest. Oxygen cylinders are available at all times in both the vehicles and in the lodges for guests.

Arrive with an open mind and embrace the experience, the landscapes, the people, the lesser fauna, all of which has come together to create this wonderful habitat for snow leopards. Remember, you are trying to look for possibly the rarest big cat on the planet. Despite our fantastic track record of sightings, we still maintain that spotting cats is a matter of luck despite all the effort put in.

There is no wifi available at the lodge and cellular service can be sporatic.

Feb 01 - Feb 13 2026

Tour Level: Bespoke Journeys,
Tour Type: Active Tours, Safari,

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