About The Women’s Travel Club

Embark on a Journey that will Change your Life!

Women Traveling Together

At the Women’s Travel Club, we offer fabulous and unique women-only tours. Our small group tours encompass everything from short getaways to adventure travel, with outstanding inclusions you will love. Join us on a fabulous women-only tour, see the world and make wonderful new friends. The women who travel with us are just like you — fun, friendly and they love to travel. We welcome members from all over the world, but most members are from North America. Women of all ages travel with us, and most join our tours as solo travelers.

Perfect for the Solo Traveler

The Women’s Travel Club offers an ideal experience for solo travelers, specializing in small group tours exclusively for women. Our community comprises individuals who, much like yourself, embody a spirit of fun, friendliness, and a shared passion for exploration. While we extend a warm welcome to members from all corners of the globe, a significant portion of our community hails from North America. Embracing diversity in age, our tours attract women of various generations, with many choosing to embark on these journeys as solo adventurers.

Women's Travel Club Friends
Women Traveling Together
Women's Travel Club Friends

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or exploring the world for the first time, The Women’s Travel Club provides a supportive and enriching environment for all. Join us in creating lasting memories, forming connections with like-minded individuals, and indulging in the joy of discovery. Our commitment to fostering a sense of camaraderie among women who share a love for travel ensures that every journey with us is a unique and fulfilling experience.


Women's Travel Club Testimonial


“I had a great time on the tour and enjoyed myself immensely. I have never traveled on a women’s tour and would seriously consider doing so again.”

Women's Travel Club review


An amazing trip with a great bunch of ladies—extremely well organized and relaxing! The perfect way for women to travel safely.

Women's Travel Club review


All in all, the trip was excellent and I will be recommending the women’s travel club to my family, friends and acquaintances.


“I’ve taken three trips with Women’s Travel Club and loved every trip. They take great care in making sure your trips are memorable. I love that it is small groups of women that travel. You get to know everyone and come home having had a great experience and making new friends. I highly recommend The Women’s Travel Club”

Women's Travel Club Reviews


“My journey with the Women’s Travel Club of Canada was the adventure of a lifetime. My trip to Africa not only gave me memories that are still thrilling but also a wonderful group of new friends. Marianne is the perfect leader, equal parts logistical expert, environmental champion and enthusiastic adventurer. It was the perfect way for me to see a place that is challenging to get to and to get to know. I always felt supported and inspired. I can’t wait for my next trip with this group.“

Women's Travel Club Reviews


“I have done lots of traveling alone, but last year I wanted to venture out a little further and wasn’t quite sure I wanted to do it alone this time. I found Women’s Travel Group on the internet and found their trip offers to be appealing. Most women on the trip did not know each other, and it didn’t take long before friendships developed. So many laughs were shared over meals and bus rides. I was a little apprehensive about sharing a room, but within minutes, we knew we were a great match. The experiences we had will be some to remember for a lifetime. Who knew sitting on a sand dune in the Sahara desert in your pjs would be so incredible? Today with social media, we all keep up with each other’s lives and look forward to seeing each other again“