Signature Nordic North 2025

Experience the enchantment of Lapland on an extraordinary journey that will transport you to a realm of untouched Arctic beauty and snow-kissed forests. Step into a winter wonderland where the crisp air carries only the melody of cascading rivers and the eager breaths of huskies, eager to embark on a thrilling adventure across this awe-inspiring expanse of pristine white wilderness. Immerse yourself in a captivating landscape that exudes a perpetual sense of Christmas magic while discovering the remarkable resilience of the northern inhabitants.  Brace yourself for an unparalleled escapade as you delve into the heart of Lapland on a tour that promises memories to last a lifetime.

The highlight of this extraordinary expedition is an unforgettable evening at the renowned ICEHOTEL, where you will find yourself surrounded by the ethereal beauty of meticulously carved ice sculptures. Marvel at the architectural marvels sculpted entirely from ice and snow, their intricate designs reflecting the creative genius of the artists who bring this ephemeral masterpiece to life each year. Embrace the surreal ambiance as you relax amidst the frosty splendor, creating treasured moments under the shimmering glow of ice chandeliers.

Indulge in three nights of unparalleled comfort and wonder as you retreat to the cozy embrace of a glass igloo. Gaze upon the starlit sky from the comfort of your warm haven, as you witness the Northern Lights painting the heavens with vibrant hues, an ethereal spectacle that will leave you breathless. The seamless integration of nature and modern design in these transparent sanctuaries provides an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Lapland while enjoying the luxuries of contemporary living.

Beyond the stunning accommodations, this captivating tour offers an array of immersive experiences.  Learn from the resilient inhabitants who have adapted to the harsh winter conditions, gaining insight into their time-honored traditions and ingenious methods. Embark on thrilling dog sledding adventures, feeling the adrenaline course through your veins as you glide across the snow-covered landscapes, accompanied by a team of devoted huskies leading the way.

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Lapland as you engage with the local communities, discovering the folklore and traditions that have shaped their way of life for generations. Share in the warmth of their hospitality as you savor traditional Lappish delicacies prepared with love and care and hear captivating stories passed down through the ages. Capture the essence of this extraordinary region through visits to reindeer farms, where you can interact with these majestic creatures and learn about their significance in Sami culture.

Join us on this extraordinary journey through Lapland, where every moment is infused with a sense of magic and wonder. Embrace the allure of this ethereal destination, where the enchantment of Christmas lingers in the air throughout the year, and gain a profound appreciation for the resilience of those who call this majestic land home. Let the captivating landscapes, immersive experiences, and warm hospitality of Lapland create cherished memories that will forever hold a special place in your heart.



  • 3 Nights at the iconic ICE Hotel
  • 3 Nights in Nordic Lapland Lodge
  • 3 Nights in a glass igloo
  • 1 Night Helsinki airport hotel
  • 1 Night Stockholm airport hotel
  • Breakfast daily, 4 Lunches, 9 Dinners
  • Arrival and departure group transfer
  • Snowmobile safari with ice fishing
  • Husky safari
  • Icebreaker cruise
  • Arctic Floating Therapy
  • Snowshoe excursion
  • Ice carving experience
  • Northern Lights Photo Tour
  • Sami and Reindeer experience
  • Aurora Hunt by Snowtrain
  • Internal flights
  • English-speaking local guide
  • Gratuities
  • Women’s Travel Club Tour Host


**Prices are subject to change and availability. Space is limited and activities and specific hotels are subject to change. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.


Pre-Booking Only

Pre-book now to hold your spot. As soon as we have full details and pricing, we will let you know. At that time, you can decide if you would like to confirm this tour. If you do book you will save $100 off the tour as a thank you for showing us your interest.

Activity Level

Moderate Activity
This tour includes some outdoor winter adventures such as snowmobiling, dog sledding and ice fishing.

Group Size

Minimum: 10 members
Maximum: 14 members


  • International Airfare
  • Visa and passport handling fees
  • Meals not listed in itinerary
  • Alcoholic beverages not listed
  • Gratuities on personal purchases
  • Optional Activities
  • Expenses of a Personal Nature
  • Early check-in and late check-out of hotel

Tour Host

Women’s Travel Club tours are hosted tours. Your tour host is in addition to local tour guides. Your Women’s Travel Club tour host is your tour concierge and there to make sure every part of the tour runs smoothly. Our trained hosts are seasoned travelers who are with you every step of your tour so that you only have to worry about enjoying yourself and having fun.
The Women’s Travel Club Tour Host for this tour is TBA.

Roommate Matching Policy

Roommate matching is done as a courtesy, and while most matches result in wonderful friendships, success is not guaranteed. If during the tour you decide you would no longer like to share a room with your roommate, you will need to request (and pay for) a single room at all accommodations. This can be shared between the two people in the room if it is a mutual decision. If you are a very light sleeper or snore, you may want to consider getting your own single room.

Flight Information

The Women’s Travel Club recommends booking flexible or refundable air tickets when possible.

Arrive to Stockholm, Sweden  – Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) – at anytime on the first day.
Depart from Helsinki, Finland – Helsinki Airport (HEL) – at anytime on the last day of the tour.

If you would like assistance booking international flights for your tour, please use the form below. The Women’s Travel Club Flight Desk will work with you to arrange the best options.
Our flight management fee is CAD 100.00 + HST per tour.
Flight Quote

Travel Insurance:

Out-of-country medical insurance is required. We strongly recommend that you obtain cancellation and interruption insurance to protect your investment.
Use this link to request an insurance quote.

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ICEHOTEL, in the village of Jukkasjärvi, about 17 km from Kiruna, was the world’s first ice hotel. After its first opening in 1990, the hotel has been taking guests each year from late December to early April. From 2016, they will be opening their doors all year round with the new concept ICEHOTEL 365, thanks to a new specially designed building run on solar power. It is certainly a unique experience, sleeping on reindeer skins inside the exquisitely carved ice rooms. Sleeping bags are included to ensure you are warm and snug during the night.

Nordic Lapland Resort

Nordic Lapland Resort is located by Frevisören, the bay all the way north in Golf of Bothnia, Sweden. The peace and quite in the area is truly unique, and it is a great place to view the Northern Lights on a clear night!

Apukka Lodge

Our Aurora Cabins offer you the opportunity to experience the wonder and magic of Lapland – all from the comfort of your bed. Gaze upon the majesty of the Arctic sky and witness the wonderment of the Aurora Borealis through the expansive sky view. No need to worry about snow and ice blocking your view, as all windows are heated to ensure an unobstructed viewing experience.

A private bathroom equipped with a shower and toilet, climate-controlled air conditioning, an electric fireplace, a mini-fridge, and complimentary coffee and tea provide you with the essentials to ensure a comfortable stay with us.

Radisson Blu Airport Terminal Hotel

The Radisson Blu Airport Terminal Hotel, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, is conveniently situated within walking distance of all terminals and gates at Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN). Guests can easily access the city center by express train in just 18 minutes.

Visitors can anticipate a warm welcome and a comfortable stay in one of the 260 rooms and suites at the hotel—the ideal retreat before an early flight or after landing. Guests can take advantage of hotel services, including complimentary access to the fitness and business centers, as well as enjoy fresh and flavorful dining at Sky Horizon.

Hilton Helsinki Airport

Located adjacent to Helsinki Airport, the establishment is connected to the terminal building through a partly covered walkway. The Lentoasema Rail Station stands nearby, providing a direct link to central Helsinki, while being just nine kilometers away from Vantaa city—where the renowned Heureka science center is situated. Guests can relish access to the fitness center and indulge in the experience of a traditional Finnish sauna.

**Occasionally, due to situations beyond our control, specific hotels may change. Any accommodation changes will be to a similar hotel.


Through our own clients and networking clubs we have realized a general desire for women to travel but they don’t always have a companion. We developed the Women’s Travel Club for these women to have a fun and safe group to travel with. We offer a wide range of destinations, so that there is something for everyone.

We have women of all ages, with the average being 45 to 65 years. However, we do have regular travelers anywhere from 30 years to over 80 years of age.

We do not include international flights in the price of our tours. Not including the cost of international flights in the cost of the tour allows members the flexibility to get the flight schedule, price and class of service that best suits them. The Women's Travel Club flight desk will be happy to help arrange your international flights.

Yes, we always negotiate the best possible single supplement rate for our trips. Single spots fill quickly and may be limited so we suggest you book early for a single spot.

Yes, each of our booking forms has an area for you to request to be matched with a roommate. We get some general information that will help us match you with a great new friend.

Sweden and Finland are Schengen area countries. Canadian and US citizens do not need a visa for travel to countries within the Schengen area for up to 90 days. However, travel requirements may change at any time. Please visit your governments travel recommendations page. Canada - Canada Travel Recommendations & Information USA - USA Travel Recommendations & Information

February is winter in Sweden and Finland, you should expect cold temperatures and the possibility of snow. Temperatures will on average range between 26°F (-3°C) and 32°F (0°C).

While it is never guaranteed this in a excellent time to experience the Northern Lights.

Feb 24 - Mar 07 2025

Tour Level: Signature Tours,

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