Deanna Lumax

About Deanna

My husband Dave and I live in Westchester Station, Nova Scotia. I’m originally from Newfoundland and grew up in Labrador. We have a cottage in Western Arm, NL and I spend my summers there and as many other trips I can squeeze in throughout the year. We are very proud of our 3 children Braya (18) Jarrett (24) and Becky (26) and a 6-year-old boxer named Aria and a feisty cat named Elle.

In 2022 I decided to leave the insurance industry after an amazing 23-year career and start my own business where I am a project manager working with a non-profit organization. I am a volunteer firefighter working on my level 1 certification and I also volunteer with the Canadian Ski Patrol and work with Mountain Safety at Ski Wentworth in Northern Nova Scotia. I also decided in the last year to become a part time travel advisor. I love adventure and travel and want to create more opportunity for new experiences.

My Hobbies

I love spending time outdoors. Whether it be out for a walk/run, hiking, skiing, ATV’ing, boating, fishing, camping, snowmobiling, enjoying a campfire or riding my motorcycle. I enjoy exploring Atlantic Canada with Newfoundland and Labrador being my favourite place to be. It is the place I get to spend time with family and friends with breathtaking beauty both on the ocean and on the “BIG Land” as they call Labrador.

My Love of Travel 

In my previous job I travelled weekly to most areas of Atlantic Canada. I have been travelling south (Dominican, Mexico, Jamaica and Cuba) for the last 20 years and have been to the UK, Denmark and Estonia. With my job change, I now have the flexibility to travel more. I look forward to creating new memories and experience new adventures with all of you through the Women’s Travel Club.

My Upcoming Tours

I would love to have you join me on a Women's Travel Club Tour.  Let's go on an adventure together!