Irene Murray

“Travel is rich with learning opportunities, and the ultimate souvenir is a broader perspective.”

About Irene

Both my husband, David and myself were born and lived our early lives in England. We decided a long time ago that Canada was a country worth visiting – and ultimately the country to call home.
I consider myself fortunate to be a Canadian, residing in southern Ontario. We are surrounded by vineyards which came at the demise of tender fruit farms.
We live with our rescue dog, DeeDee who came to us via South Carolina. When the weather allows, I am out with the dog every morning on one of the many trails nearby.

My Hobbies

We have had pets all our lives while the family grew, even taking care of rural cat populations in trap, neuter & release (TNR) programs and assisting non profit animal organizations in their efforts.
Each year I plan to be more ambitious in our large garden and my love of motorbikes has given way to a 3-wheeler and British antique cars! Women’s badminton continues to be a fun pastime.
I am active with local volunteer organizations and our local church as we continue to help support others who are less fortunate.

My Love of Travel 

When I retired early from my field of work, a friend suggested that I pursue a career in travel. Now, several years later as a travel counsellor, I enjoy my conversations explaining to women that they can travel solo, regardless of age.
This is part of my role with the Women’s Travel Club.
I feel blessed to have met many amazing women in my role as a tour host. Looking forward to the next journey!

My Upcoming Tours

I would love to have you join me on a Women's Travel Club Tour.  Let's go on an adventure together!