Day 4 – Visit Brasov

Day 4 – Visit Brasov

All the bears residing here have been rescued after being found foraging for food in the city of Brasov. As they posed a threat to the local population and returning them to the wild was not feasible (due to their adaptation to the easier food supply in the city), a sanctuary was established to offer them a controlled, wild-like environment. The Libearty Sanctuary ensures their well-being and allows them to thrive in a setting that closely mimics their natural habitat.

In the afternoon, we embark on an enchanting exploration of the city where we spent the night – Brasov. Steeped in over 800 years of living history, this former trading outpost lies nestled amidst the majestic mountains.

Our leisurely stroll takes us through the narrowest street in Eastern Europe, providing a glimpse of the city’s charming past. A highlight of our journey is a visit to the Black Church, a significant symbol in medieval times that played a pivotal role in religious affairs.

Following the walking tour, we embark on a brief hike opposite Mt Tampa, where a breathtaking view of the old town awaits. This vantage point offers a picturesque sight, allowing us to admire the beauty and majesty of Brasov from above.

Accommodations:  Residence Hirscher in Brasov (Breakfast)