Day 3 – Troyan Region

Day 3 – Troyan Region

Here, we will be captivated by the historical significance and beauty of the Troyan Monastery, a true gem of Bulgarian history. Founded in the 16th century, the monastery’s architecture, intricate wood-carvings, and awe-inspiring frescoes in the church leave a lasting impression. A particularly cherished treasure within the monastery is the miraculous icon of the three-handed Holy Virgin.

Around noon, we’ll check into our hotel located in the village. This family-owned establishment is more than just a place to rest; it is a living work of art. Each room in the Arthotel is thoughtfully inspired by the fundamental forces of the universe – Sea, Earth, Wind, Moon, Sun, and Love. The unique furnishings beautifully complement the themes of each room, promising a truly extraordinary accommodation experience.

In the afternoon, our creative spirit will be awakened as we participate in a crafts workshop, where we can choose between pottery or glass-painting. Guided by skilled artisans, we’ll use our own hands to craft something truly distinctive and original, a keepsake that will carry the memories of this unique and fulfilling experience.

As evening descends, we’ll gather at the hotel’s artistic restaurant to indulge in a delectable dinner. The menu will showcase a delightful combination of traditional local delicacies and international culinary delights, providing the perfect end to a day filled with enriching experiences for both body and soul.

Accommodations: Casa Art Boutique Hotel (Breakfast, Dinner)