Day 11 – Bansko – Rila Monastery

Day 11 – Bansko – Rila Monastery

The breathtaking mountain wings that embrace the monastery create an awe-inspiring backdrop. A testament to its cultural significance, Rila Monastery holds a well-deserved place in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For a delightful lunch, we’ll savor fresh mountain trout from a local fish farm near the monastery, enjoying the flavors of the region.

As we make our way back to Sofia, we’ll make a stop at Sapareva Banya to witness the impressive fountain-geyser. With hot water and steam erupting, the geyser shoots a column 18 meters above ground, boasting a temperature of about 102°C (216°F), a remarkable natural spectacle.

Continuing our journey, we’ll also visit the Tsari Mali Grad Fortress, a fascinating cultural and historical complex situated atop a hill. Steeped in ancient history and local legends, the fortress offers a captivating glimpse into the past.

In the evening, we come together for a heartfelt farewell dinner, filled with emotions, cherished memories, and captivating stories shared throughout our journey. As we bid farewell, we carry with us the lasting impressions and fond moments from this remarkable experience.