Day 10 – Bran Castle Halloween Party

Day 10 – Bran Castle Halloween Party

But the true highlight of the day awaits us as we arrive at Bran Castle. This iconic fortress, once the residence of royalty, offers a different sensation as we delve into its rich and controversial history. Often associated with the legend of Dracula, we’ll seek to unravel the real mysteries behind this renowned castle.

As night falls, a thrilling Halloween experience awaits us at Bran Castle, hosting perhaps the most exciting Halloween Party in Europe! Be sure to don your best costume as you indulge in a Vampire Gourmet Dinner at the Castle Restaurant. Starting at 7:00 PM, the night creatures will savor a delectable tasting menu comprising four exquisite courses.

Following dinner, at 10 PM, we embark on a spine-chilling Halloween Tour by Night, guided through the Magic Time Tunnel, which promises a bewitching experience.

The celebration continues with an exhilarating Halloween Party in the Royal Park, where adults can revel in the festivities as long as they desire. This immersive experience at Bran Castle guarantees an unforgettable and thrilling Halloween celebration!

Accommodations:  Casa din Bran (Breakfast, Dinner)