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Working with Wildlife Experience

May 20-27, 2022

Specialty Tour

Over Half Full



Join the Women's Travel Club on this opportunity to be involved in African Wildlife Conservation during this amazing experience. Our small group will assist to preserve wildlife and enjoy staying on a 240 000-acre Big-5 and Malaria Free private game reserve in South Africa’s Kalahari Desert. The project offers a true perspective of the problems facing African Wildlife, and allows guests to give something back to the continent’s conservation efforts. Break free from tourists and time limits as you follow animals in their natural habitat in this once in a lifetime conservation experience!


Signature Moments

  • • Learn from qualified and experienced personnel about the reserve’s ecology, biology, and interesting animal behaviours, as well as the importance of habitat restoration and nature conservation for future generations.
  • • Learn about the ongoing rhino poaching crisis from experts in the anti-poaching field, the methods that are currently employed to combat poaching, and the importance of saving the species
  • • Learn how to track animals with radio antenna and GPS as well as conventional methods like spoor, signs of movements, and even the birds that can indicate the presence of a specific animal
  • • Understand the role that certain species have on the ecosystem and the impact that population decline/growth has on the environment
  • • Learn about the various plants, amphibians, reptiles, and bird species that occur in the reserve


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Inclusions & Highlights
  • 7 Nights tented accommodations
  • 3 meals plus snacks daily
  • Game Drives
  • Daily wildlife research and conservation activities
  • Conservation fees and taxes
  • Airport transfers
  • Gratuities
  • Women's Travel Club Tour Host

Daily activities will vary depending on what is needed. As the reserve is situated in one of the most remote parts of the country, it offers guests some of the most incredible star-gazing opportunities imaginable due to the absence of light pollution from nearby cities and towns. In fact, the area was chosen by a group of astronomers as their ideal location to study stars. Beyond their large and highly specialised anti-poaching team, the reserve is run by a small team of professionals. The reserve simply does not have the necessary hands required to conduct their much-needed field work. This adventure and eco-safari project is designed to contribute to the reserve’s ecological needs by assisting with game counts, wildlife research, vegetation surveys, and so much more! Together, these are the tools needed to ensure a balanced ecosystem is maintained, and that the ultimate goal of restoring the Kalahari to its natural state is achieved. Working with Wildlife is proud to be the reserve’s exclusive partner in offering such conservation experiences. Here are some examples of special activities we may take part in.


Women's Travel Club Working with Wildlife Adventure
Wildlife Research

Based on the ecological needs of the reserve, we are participating in continuous monitoring of the population dynamics and predator/prey relations of African Wild Dogs and Lions. From time to time it might also include other wildlife including (but not limited to); Cheetah, Leopard, Brown and Spotted Hyena, Elephant, Rhino, Vultures, and Buffalo. *This may require following predators late at night when they are most active.

Women's Travel Club Working with Wildlife Adventure
Nocturnal Species

The reserve is home to some incredible nocturnal species such as; Aardvark, Aardwolf, Bat-Eared and Cape Foxes, Brown and Spotted Hyenas, Caracals, Genets, Honey Badgers, Leopard, and Porcupines. Current nocturnal monitoring focuses on lions and camera traps, but it is our goal to include additional species in our monitoring project soon. It is also our goal to begin researching the reserve’s Pangolin population due to the current global pangolin poaching crisis.

Women's Travel Club Working with Wildlife Adventure
Camera Traps

Placing and monitoring camera traps to conduct scientific research, nocturnal monitoring, and animal identification (e.g. a wild dog’s unique coat or a leopard’s unique pattern). Due to the sheer size of this magnificent reserve, placing and/or collecting these camera traps from different parts of the reserve, before even analysing the data, is no small task! These camera trap sites have been carefully selected, and camera trap sites can be located hours apart.

Women's Travel Club Working with Wildlife Adventure
Game Counts

Conduct regular game surveys to monitor the distribution and sex and age ratios in all the reserve’s wildlife populations. Accurate game surveys are one of the most important tools for reserve management as changes in wildlife populations or sex ratios can be an early indication of specific ecological problems (e.g. too many/few predators). Management can isolate different variables and use these surveys to correctly identify the habitat that different species choose, and keep up to speed with changes happening in wildlife populations as these changes occur.

Women's Travel Club Working with Wildlife Adventure
Vegetation Surveys

The reserve’s ecologist has set a programme in motion to monitor changes in fauna and flora. Over sixty randomly selected sites have been identified, and vegetation surveys are used to identify gradual and/or sudden changes in vegetation across the reserve, recognise changes in species composition, health of the grass layer, bush encroachment and whether the reserve is overstocked. This data is captured and analysed and used to determine the impact that environmental factors, including herbivores, are having on the vegetation of the reserve.

Women's Travel Club Working with Wildlife Adventure
Reserve Work

Bush encroachment is a problem throughout African savannas. Not only does it impact on the habitats available to animals, it also impacts the infrastructure that we need to use in conservation areas. As this is a large reserve that is not open to the general public, many of the roads are hardly used. In fact, you’re unlikely to encounter another vehicle during your entire stay at the reserve! This also means that many of these roads get overgrown with encroaching bush, and trimming of bushes on the road verges provides access to the road across the reserve. Other reserve work may include removing invasive plant species, and removal of old fencing wires from left over from earlier farming days that may entangle animals

Women's Travel Club Working with Wildlife Adventure

Due to the ongoing poaching crisis plaguing South Africa, we offer guests the chance to help the anti-poaching team for a day! You will assist experienced rangers with their daily patrols to identify signs of poaching and collect valuable data. Keeping eyes on a vulnerable animal offers it the best form of protection. Record activities of animals at water points and other key areas as such data is used to identify poaching “hotspots” and potential vulnerabilities. This data ensures that rangers are deployed in the right areas both day and night. These activities play a huge part in keeping animals safe and your eyes and ears do make a difference!

**Prices are subject to change and availability. Space is limited and activities and specific hotels are subject to change. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.


Important Details & Pricing

Double Occupancy - $3539 CAD per person (sharing a room) - approx. $2850 USD
Single Occupancy - $5539 CAD per person (your own room) - approx. $4400 USD

If you would like the double occupancy rate but don't have a roommate we will match you with a suitable roommate. The single occupancy rate will give you your own room. Single occupancy may be limited. CAD = Canadian dollars. USD = United States of America dollars. Conversion to USD is approximated by current exchange rates and subject to change. You will be charged in CAD and your bank may charge a slightly different rate or fees.

Deposit of $300 CAD due at time of booking.

Final Payment due - February 21, 2022

*All payments are non-refundable Please see full terms and conditions. Prices are subject to change and availability.


Activity Level

Moderate Activity
Level of intensity and difficulty of activities dependent on the group’s needs. Certain activities can be tailored to abilities.


Group Size

Minimum - 4
Maximum - 8


  • International Airfare (can be arranged by WTC)
  • Visa/passport handling fees
  • Meals not listed in itinerary
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Optional Activities
  • Expenses of a Personal Nature
  • Early check-in and late check-out of hotel


Hosted by:

Marianne Southall
Marianne is the founder of the Women's Travel Club. She is well traveled and loves to get off the beaten path, her favorite type of tour would involve nature and animals.


Flight Information

Once your flights are booked please forward a copy of your itinerary to
Please do not book any flights until tour is confirmed.

Arrive to O.R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg (arrive in AM)
Depart from O.R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg

Travel Insurance:

Out of country medical insurance is required. We strongly recommend that you obtain cancellation and interruption insurance to protect your investment.
Use this link to request an insurance quote.

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Women's Travel Club Working with Wildlife Adventure
Working with Wildlife

Guests are accommodated in a tented lodge which offers incredible game viewing and sensational star-gazing opportunities to all who visit! There are four two-sleeper tents each with an en-suite bathroom (rooms are shared between guests). There is a kitchen and dining tent, a shaded outdoor section for guests to relax, and a boma for outdoor dining. There is electricity and hot water at the lodge, and safe drinking water is available. Catered and self-catered options are available.

Extra Hotel Nights

Often ladies will book a night at the first hotel prior to the tour. This gives them a chance to relax after a long flight and settle in before the tour starts. Let us know if you would like pricing and information on the hotel.
Follow this link to request pre or post tour hotel nights.

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