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Meet Our Members

If you are new to the Women's Travel Club and wonder what it is like to travel with us then this is a great webinar for you. We have a member panel ready to tell you their story and answer questions you may have. Our panel includes members who have traveled with us many times along with newer members. They enjoy a selection of different types of tours and are very excited to tell you about their experiences.

New Technology Update

The Women's Travel Club have recently implemented two great systems. Our preferred member portal allows members to manage their bookings and pre-bookings, along with the ability to update their personal details, passport information and payment methods in a secure system. Our Tour Groups replaces Facebook Groups with a private, secure place to connect with other members on your tours. Join this webinar as we introduce and run through both new systems.

Botswana Safari

There’s Africa, and then there’s Botswana. Experience the ultimate wildlife adventure through some of the best wildlife reserves you'll ever see. Keep your camera at the ready to capture the lions and elephants of Moremi National Park, Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta. Think intoxicating sunsets, tranquility and endless horizons: your safari is immersed in the remoteness that is hallmark of a high-quality wildlife experience. This fly-in safari will show you some of the best that Botswana has to offer. Our safari trips ends in iconic Victoria Falls with even more exciting activities to unfold within the boundaries of the untamed African bush.

Antarctic Expedition

Join the Women's Travel Club and Quark Expeditions as we explore the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Learn what it is like to explore the most remote corner of the earth on an ice-strengthened expedition vessel. Experience abundant wildlife, penguins, seals, whales and more.

Argentina - A Virtual Journey

From a StreetSide tango in Buenos Aires to the vast wilderness of Patagonia, Argentina doesn't have just one identity. Join the Women's Travel Club on a virtual journey to uncover all the mysteries of this South American wonder.

Hawaii - Paradise Found

There is no place on earth like Hawaii, with it's tropical beauty, lush rainforests and turquoise waters. Hawaii has so much to offer, rich in history, great shopping and unbelievable scenery. Join the Women's Travel Club as we introduce you to this beautiful destination.

Singapore &Malaysia

Singapore is fast becoming one of Asia's hotspot destinations. This futuristic city with its skyscraper skyline is also home to 50 parks and 4 nature reserves. A great crossroads of Asian cultures and flavours, Singapore is one of the world’s most alluring destinations for foodies, with a rich blend of Chinese, Indian, and Malay influences in its cuisine. From the exciting city of Singapore, we head to vibrant Malaysia, with it's fascinating multicultural cities. You will quickly see why Malaysia is a must see on many Asian tours.

Iceland - The Land of Ice & Fire

Join the Women's Travel Club as we take you on a virtual journey to one of the World's most breathtaking destinations. Make your way through lava tube caves. Watch the living Earth in action at some of the island’s volcanoes. Explore the rocky, mountainous landscapes of the stunning Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Relax in incredible hot springs and keep your eyes peeled for whales off the coast. Witness one of the most beautiful sights in the world, the Northern Lights. Find your element in a place of extreme elements.

Ecuador - More than the Galapagos

Get in touch with the power of the planet as we explore many of Ecuador’s natural wonders. Ecuador is famous for the Galapagos Islands but it is also so much more. Postcard-pretty colonial centers, waves splashing white-sand beaches, Kichwa villages, Amazonian rainforest and the breathtaking Andes all waiting to be discovered. Join the Women's Travel Club on this virtual journey to this amazing destination.

Journey to Costa Rica

Join the Women's Travel Club as we explore Costa Rica. Costa Rica is certainly known for the friendliness of its people, its environmental concerns and its all year round good weather. The country’s name means “Rich Coast” due to the vast quantities of jewels and gold found by the Spanish when they first discovered Costa Rica. It is bordered by both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea with excellent beaches on each coast and jungle, volcanos, cloud forest on the interior. Discover everything this amazing country has to offer on our virtual tour.

Journey to Peru

Embark on this amazing journey with the Women's Travel Club to Peru. We will visit many beautiful areas in Peru as we work our way to the highlight of the tour, Machu Picchu. After our visit to this iconic site, we board the Titicaca Vistadome train and enjoy a scenic rail ride to Lake Titicaca.

Niagara Falls Tour Info Session

Join the Women's Travel Club to learn about our upcoming Niagara Falls Getaway. The falls may be the star of the show but you don't want to miss the supporting cast - it is equally as amazing. Our virtual tour starts right at the falls which you will see from every angle, from your hotel room which is next to the falls, from the Hornblower cruise as you feel the mist and hear the roar and even from above on the Skywheel. We will head from Niagara Falls, down the beautifully gardened Niagara Parkway to Niagara On The Lake, Niagara's hidden gem.

South Africa Virtual Journey

Experience the diverse wonders of amazing and beautiful South Africa. The Women's Travel Club will take you on a journey from the glittering beauty of Cape Town to the vast wilderness of Kruger National Park, a private game reserve and enjoy the beauty of the garden route. Be in awe of the fascinating history, learn about world class wines and be wowed by the magnificence of the Big Five. South Africa has so much to offer and this virtual tour will touch on it all.

Bolivia - Expect the Unexpected

Join the Women's Travel Club Travel Talk show as we take a virtual journey to Bolivia. Expect the unexpected on an adventure through Bolivia, a country experiencing a surge in popularity due in part to its stunning landscapes and the rich cultural heritage of its indigenous populations. Explore the historic capital of Sucre and sky-high La Paz, experience life at a traditional hacienda, and watch the sunset from atop the sweeping Salar de Uyuni. Join us as we uncover a true South American treasure high in the Andes.

San Francisco & California Wine Country

Join the Women's Travel Club as we explore our upcoming San Francisco and California Wine Country tour. California is world famous for its outstanding wines and beautiful landscape. We start our getaway in San Francisco, known for its year-round fog, iconic Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and colorful Victorian houses. From there we journey through lush redwood forests to rolling golden hills with vineyards as far as the eye can see. You will sip wine on a historic train, savor outstanding cuisine and relax in the most idyllic setting.

COVID and Travel - Current Outlook

Join the Women's Travel Club and our special guests as we navigate the new rules regarding traveling during the pandemic. As things change quickly we will look at what we know now and what we expect for the future.

The Outback & More...Experience Australia

Escape to a wild and beautiful place, a land whose color palette of red outback sands and technicolor reefs frames sophisticated cities and soulful Indigenous stories. Join the Women's Travel Club as we explore Australia form the Sydney Opera House to Ayers Rock and everything in between.

Experience Croatia

Precariously poised between the Balkans and central Europe, this land has been passed between competing kingdoms, empires and republics for millennia. The Balkan Peninsula is full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Start in the capital, Zagreb, Croatia’s centre of culture, innovation, and opportunity. Next is Split which dates back to the Roman era, where you'll enjoy a visit to River Krka Waterfalls and Sibenik. Finally, visit Dubrovnik, taking your time exploring this renowned walled city, known for its old town, bars and restaurants. Join us on a virtual tour of this beautiful destination.

Journey to Peru & Machu Picchu

Join the Women's Travel Club as we take you on a virtual journey of Peru. We will visit many beautiful areas in Peru as we work our way to the highlight of the tour, Machu Picchu, including the vibrant city of Lima and the timeless Sacred Valley. Then we board the Titicaca Vistadome train and enjoy a scenic rail ride through the Andes to Lake Titicaca. It is almost impossible to do Peru justice but we will try!

Galapagos Adventure - Tour Info Session

Join us for a complete overview of our 2021 Galapagos Adventure. This is a great opportunity for any interested or booking on this tour. The Galápagos Islands are known for their beautiful landscapes and incredible wildlife. The Women's Travel Club Galapagos Cruise has everything required for the most spectacular of all Galapagos vacations. Our jaw-dropping sailing vessel started operations at the Galapagos Islands in 2008 and holds a reputation as one of the classiest cruises on the islands. Expect to witness an amazing concentration of birdlife and massive bird rookeries, including the largest nesting colonies of red-footed boobies and frigate birds. Hike on secluded islands, relax on the white-sand beaches, or snorkel with sea lions.

Ethiopia - The First Frontier

Ethiopia is a land of contrasts and extremes and a land of remote and wild places. It is like nowhere else on the planet, a beautiful country blessed with a peerless history, fabulous wildlife and some of Africa's most soulful peoples. Journey to this fascinating land with us on this virtual tour. This Women's Travel Club virtual tour will explore the deep history and its attractions in the north before we discover the culture and tribes of the south.

The Great Galapagos

Journey with us to this fascinating destination and meet the unusual animals that call it home. You will be surprised and wowed as you learn about the secrets the Galapagos holds. It may even inspire you to think differently about the world.

Journey to Africa

If you have ever dreamed of visiting Africa then this is the show for you. We will look at various destinations within the continent talking about the similarities and differences. Learn about the best countries for safari, culture and even wine tasting.

Meet our Tour Hosts

Our Tour Hosts are the faces of the Women's Travel Club. They are the concierge of your tour and make sure that everything runs smoothly Join us to meet these wonderful women who help make our tours exceptional.

Journey to the British Isles

Join us with special guest Liz Scanlon from CIE tours as we journey to the Beautiful British Isles. We have three wonderful tours, England & Wales, Scotland and Ireland, that can be done individually or joined together to make a Grand Journey.

Barge River Cruising

A Burgundy barge cruise may not be one of the best known holiday options for visitors to France but those who do discover barging in Burgundy are sure not to be disappointed. Taking a Burgundy barge cruise down one of the region’s canals is a truly wonderful experience. The network of rivers and centuries-old canals that crisscross Burgundy – France’s fabled wine-producing region - were practically tailor-made for pleasure cruising. Life unfolds at a different pace in this pastoral part of the world, and nowhere is that more obvious than from the deck of a piloted river barge that doubles as your floating hotel.

5 Most Unusual Destinations

Every year we like to introduce new and unusual destinations to our line up. These destinations are great for the well traveled and those who want to get off the beaten path. Join us as we run down our top 5 most obscure destinations (based on number of travelers per year) and see what makes these unique places amazing and a must see.

Turkey & Turquoise Coast

Join us as we explore some of the beautiful sights of Turkey. A richly historical land with some of the amazing places you will ever see. We will have two guests joining us all the way from Turkey to talk about why this is a favorite destination.

The Nordic North

Escape to a winter wonderland as we look at amazing adventures in Lapland. Finland, Norway and Sweden are the destinations we will highlight. Learn what it is like to sleep in a glass igloo under the Northern Lights, stay in an Ice Hotel or go dog sledding. Special guest Camilla Dahle from Norway will take us on this amazing journey.

Japan for the Cherry Blossom Festival

Join us for an e-journey to one of the most beautiful destinations on earth. Journey to the land of the rising sun, a country rich in history. Experience a taste of Japanese culture while staying in a traditional ryokan. Wander through fantastic gardens and be in awe of the abundance of serene temples and shrines.

Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking is an exhilarating and awesome adventure that few ever get to experience. Join Kirsten and Marianne as they give first hand accounts of trekking into some of the world's wildest jungle in search of these magnificent animals.

Polar Expeditions

Join us for an interactive presentation by our partner Quark Expeditions. Quark specializes in the polar regions and offers amazing adventures to the Arctic and Antarctic. Laura Guignot will be our guest speaker, she presently works in Quark's groups department but previously she was a tour guide and she has some great stories to tell.