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October 2023

Pre-Booking Only

Classic Tour

Traveling in Israel “The Holy Land” is to journey through sacred sites and ancient spaces. It is home to a vast mix of culture and religion, it is a land of stunning natural beauty. We will follow a multicultural pathway that allows us to get to know the locals in their own setting by joining them for meals in their homes. If you are drawn to destinations that challenge your preconceptions, or even inspire some soul-searching, come feel the power of this ancient place. Join us on this amazing, once in a lifetime tour.


Signature Moments

  • Visit the private home museum of Ilana Goor
  • Awaken your senses in a spice market
  • View the beautiful terraced Bahai Gardens
  • Walk in the footsteps of Jesus
  • Sail on the Sea of Galilee
  • Float in the salty therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea
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Inclusions & Highlights
  • 11 Nights deluxe accommodations
  • Airport Arrival meet & assist
  • Breakfast daily
  • 6 lunches, 5 dinners
  • Private minivan transportation throughout
  • Visit Jaffa
  • Ilana Goor Museum
  • Jaffa Flea Market
  • Home hosted dinner
  • Olive farm visit
  • Synagogue visit
  • Walking tour of ancient walled city of Akko
  • Visit Knights Hall
  • Winery Visit
  • Al-Jazzar Mosque
  • Spice Markets
  • Walk through Gamla Nature Reserve
  • Home hosted lunch
  • Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee
  • Visit the Wailing Wall
  • Walking tour of Jerusalem
  • Visit Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Visit Church of the Nativity
  • Visit Israel Museum
  • Tour Knesset
  • Visit Yad Vashem
  • Visit Mount Herzl Military Cemetery
  • Aumran Caves
  • Dinner and Sound & Light Show at the Citadel
  • Porterage at hotels
  • Gratuities
  • English speaking guide
  • Women's Travel Club Tour Host
Israel Tour
Day 1 - Arrive Tel Aviv

Welcome to Israel!
Upon arrival, you will be met with individual transfers at Tel Aviv's airport. We will transfer to our hotel and settle into our rooms, free time to explore the hotel or Tel Aviv. Meet at the hotel at 6pm for our included Welcome Dinner.


Day 2 - Old Jaffa • Tel Aviv

After breakfast at our hotel, we begin today's discoveries with a visit to Jaffa, a 4,000-year-old city situated on the southern outskirts of downtown Tel Aviv that may well be the world's oldest seaport. Our guide will take us on a walk through Old Jaffa, followed by a, housed visit to the Ilana Goor Museum in the private home of this renowned Israeli artist, designer, and sculptor, where artifacts from Israel's past and artworks from its present stand side by side. From there, we'll venture to the colorful Jaffa Flea Market and have the chance to browse the vendors' extensive selection of antiques. Then we enjoy lunch at a local restaurant, on our own, before we continue on to Tel Aviv. Upon arrival, we'll have the afternoon to make our own discoveries. Consider visiting the Carmel Market; commonly referred to as a shuk (Hebrew for an open-air market), this bustling bazaar is the oldest model for food shopping in the Holy Land, where you can discover a cornucopia of fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, spices, nuts, and even clothing and housewares. It's an authentic and invigorating whirl of activity that reveals Israel's incredible diversity. Afterwards, we depart for the city of Bnei Brak outside Tel Aviv, where we'll enjoy a Home-Hosted Dinner with a local Orthodox family. In our small group, not only will we be able to enjoy a meal with them, but we'll have chances to interact one-on-one, getting a true sense of their culture.


Day 3 - Haifa • Caesarea

After breakfast at our hotel, we'll depart for Caesarea, where Herod the Great built a remarkable artificial port—an engineering marvel in its time. Here we'll explore Roman ruins, many of which were transformed into a walled Crusader's city in later times. Afterwards, we'll stop at an olive oil farm where we'll enjoy a tasting and included lunch before departing to Haifa, Israel's third-largest city. This ancient seaport on the slopes of Mount Carmel is invested with both the historical weight of Jerusalem and the modern ambiance and tempo of Tel Aviv. It is in some senses Israel's model city, rich with history, replete with a stew of cultures and religions working side by side, and evolving rapidly into the modern world. We'll head to Mount Carmel for a panoramic view of the terraced Baha'i Gardens, as they flow down its slopes toward the busy harbor, then continue on to Haifa. Upon arrival, you may enjoy some time at leisure followed by dinner on your own.


Day 4 - Haifa • Wadi Nisnas • Safed

This morning we'll set out to tour the streets of Wadi Nisnas, an Arab neighborhood in Haifa. Here we'll learn more about the peaceful Jewish-Arab coexistence in the city. We'll have time to explore Haifa's Old Market before departing for a city tour of Safed.
Due to it's elevation of nearly 3,000 feet, the northern city of Safed is Israel's highest city and known as the center of Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah). We'll visit a local synagogue and then have lunch on our own.
Later this afternoon, on our way back to Haifa we will stop at a local winery for a visit and tastings. This evening, dinner is on your own.


Day 5 - Haifa • Akko

Today we have a full-day tour that begins with a visit to the ancient walled city of Akko, once known by the Crusaders as the city of Acre. Our walking tour includes a visit to the Knights' Halls, a series of vaulted halls below street level; the Al-Jazzar Mosque; and the spice market, the Old City's main marketplace. Then, after an included lunch at a local restaurant, we continue to Rosh HaNikra, where we witness a wondrous series of cavernous tunnels formed by the pounding of the sea on the white chalk cliffs. Dinner is on our own.


Day 6 - Nazareth • Golan Heights

After breakfast, we'll depart for Nazareth, where we'll walk in the footsteps of Jesus—as well as Elijah, Deborah, Solomon, and many other biblical figures—as we pay a visit to the Church of the Annunciation, built on the site where Mary is said to have received word from the angel Gabriel that she would bear the son of God.
Then we'll set off for a light walk through the Gamla Nature Reserve. We'll take in the history and archaeology in this beautiful area that was once an ancient fortress captured by the Romans, the name of which comes from the Hebrew word for camel—gamal—because the ancient fortress was on a mountain shaped remarkably like a camel's hump.
Next, we'll visit a Druze village, where we'll enjoy a Home-Hosted Lunch with a Druze family and learn about their unique culture and traditions. The Druze are an Arab religious community that opted out of mainstream Arab nationalism, and whose members have served in the Israeli Defense Forces. In the past, the Druze have seemed radical for their belief in equality between men and women, the abolition of slavery, and separation of church and state. Because our adventures have groups with an average of only 14 travelers, we'll have an intimate chance to get to know the family.
Then we'll make our way to Kibbutz El Rom, which is located next to the battleground of the Valley of Tears, one of the defining moments of the Yom Kippur War. At the Kibbutz El Rom we'll learn about the struggle of the Israelis against the Syrian Army during the tank battle there in 1973. We then pause at the Valley of Tears Memorial, which overlooks the battleground. This afternoon we'll check into our lodge, where we'll have the remainder of the day at leisure followed by dinner together this evening.


Day 7 - Capernaum • Sea of Galilee

This morning, we leave the Golan Heights, making our first stop at Capernaum (formerly Kfar Nahum), an ancient Roman fishing village whose church was founded on the traditional site of St. Peter's home. While there, we'll also visit the modern Church of the Beatitudes—which was built near the site of Jesus' famous Sermon on the Mount—before boarding a boat to sail across Lake Kinneret, better known as the Sea of Galilee. First, we'll cruise to Kibbutz Genosar to view the “Jesus Boat,” the restored skeletal remains of a fishing vessel discovered on the muddy shores of Lake Kinneret in 1986 that dates back to the first century AD—the time of Jesus' ministry. We'll then stop for lunch at a local restaurant by the sea. Afterwards, some travelers may wish to join the Christian pilgrims who gather here to renew their baptism vows by immersing themselves in the same waters where Jesus was baptized. In addition to its historical importance, Lake Kinneret is the only sweetwater lake in Israel, and it is considered by many to be a national asset. Visitors take the history and religious importance to heart, but to modern Israelis, the lake's ability to store and supply scarce water for drinking, for agriculture, and for industry is nearly as important. From here, we travel to Jerusalem. We arrive in the early evening, settle into our hotel, and enjoy dinner on our own tonight.


Day 8 - Old Jerusalem • Mount Zion

After breakfast at our hotel, we enter the maze of chambers and cisterns underneath the Western Wall, part of the ancient city wall that is of great spiritual significance in the Jewish and Islamic traditions, revered by Jews as the last standing remnant of ancient Jerusalem's Second Temple. This site is also known as the Wailing Wall for Jews' mourning of the destruction of the temple by the Romans in AD 70. Although the wall is nearly 1,600 feet in length, only about 230 feet are visible above ground. The remainder was hidden when King Herod raised the landscape surrounding the Temple Mount in the year 19 BC. We'll see portions of the wall that have been perfectly preserved, and head underground to explore the parts that were sealed off until excavations began in 1967, and had been hidden for almost 2,000 years.
Then we spend the day getting to know Jerusalem, as we explore its Old City on foot. Though it occupies an area of less than one square mile, this ancient enclave's history and spiritual significance to Christians, Jews, and Muslims is immense. We begin our comprehensive walking tour in the area around the Western Wall, the Jewish Quarter, which is adjacent to the site of Solomon's First Temple and the Second Temple. From here, we have an admirable view of the Islamic Dome of the Rock, perched on the Temple Mount, and a different perspective on the Western Wall. Our walk then takes us to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built around what is believed to be the site of Christ's burial and resurrection, and along the Via Dolorosa—the ancient “Way of the Sorrows,” where it is traditionally held that Christ walked to his crucifixion. After strolling the winding streets of Jerusalem's Arab and Christian quarters, we'll enjoy lunch at a restaurant in the Old City.
Then we visit Mount Zion, the traditional Christian site of the Last Supper, and the Mount of Olives, site of Christ's betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane. At the summit we'll enjoy a panoramic view of the Dome of the Rock and the Old City. From there, we'll return to our hotel and enjoy dinner on our own this evening.


Day 9 - Bethlehem

Today our journey will take us to Bethlehem, which features the Church of the Nativity. Built over the grotto where Mary is believed to have given birth to Jesus, the church was one of the world's most coveted holy sites for centuries, and was both captured and defended by a succession of armies. The tour also includes a visit to Shepherds' Field, where an angel is said to have announced Christ's birth.


Day 10 - Jerusalem

After breakfast we will head out to explore Qumran and learn about the Essenes’ complex culture—including the creation and preservation of the Dead Sea Scrolls. We start our morning with a visit to the Israel Museum. Here, we'll see the expansive model of Jerusalem from the Second Temple period. We'll also take a close look at the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are housed in a wing called "the Shrine of the Book"; the top of the shrine was designed to look like the clay pot in which the scrolls were originally found. Take a tour of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, and the brace yourself for a powerful jouney through the Holocaust with a visit to Yad Vashem followed by Mount Herzl Military Cemetery. Next, head to Meah She’arim, one of Jerusalem’s most interesting neighbourhoods, to get a rare glimpse of ultra-Orthodox life. we will return back to our hotel and this evening, we'll enjoy dinner at our hotel or a nearby restaurant.
Accommodations - Big Game Camping


Day 11 - Masada • Qumran Caves • Dead Sea

Spend the day out in the Judean desert stopping at Qumran caves in the Dead Sea Rift Valley to see the archaeological site where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Then drive along the Dead Sea to Masada, an incredible mountain top fortress built by King Herod in 30 BCE and later the last stonghold for a group of Jewish zealots whose tragic story has become a symbol of perseverance, faith and ambition. We will ascend by cable car to walk among the powerful, 20-acre ruins of this isolated hilltop fortress.
Finish the day “floating” in the salty therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, which at 1,300 feet (400meters) below sea level, is one of the lowest points on the earth.
In the evening, we will enjoy a typical Middle Eastern feast before catching the popular “Sound & Light” show at the Citadel


Day 12 - Depart

Time to say good-bye to wonderful new friends and bid farewell to Israel as your journey comes to a close and you head back to Ben Gurion airport for departure.


**Prices are subject to change and availability. Space is limited and activities and specific hotels are subject to change. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.


Important Details & Pricing
Pre-Booking Only

Pre-book now to hold your spot. As soon as we have full details and pricing we will let you know. At that time you can decide if you would like to confirm this tour. If you do book you will save $100 off the tour as a thank you for showing us your interest.



Double Occupancy - TBA CAD per person (sharing a room)
Single Occupancy - TBA CAD per person (your own room)

If you would like the double occupancy rate but don't have a roommate we will match you with a suitable roommate. The single occupancy rate will give you your own room. Single occupancy very limited.

Deposit of TBA per person due at time of booking.
Final Payment due - TBA

*All payments are non-refundable Please see full terms and conditions.


Activity Level

Low Moderate Activity
This is a fairly relaxed tour. Some walking while visiting areas and a few shorter walking tours.


Group Size

Minimum - 8 ladies
Maximum - 16 ladies


  • International Airfare (can be arranged by WTC)
  • Visa/passport handling fees
  • Meals not listed in itinerary
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Gratuities on meals not included and personal expenses
  • Optional Activities
  • Expenses of a Personal Nature
  • Early check-in and late check-out of hotel


Tour Leader

Debbie Groulx
Debbie works hard in our office as the tour manager and puts together all the details for most of our tours. She loves photography and you will often find her off taking pictures.


Flight Information

Once your flights are booked please forward a copy of your itinerary to
Please do not book any flights until tour is confirmed.

Arrive to Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv
Depart from Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv

Please complete the form to request flight options for your tour. The Women's Travel Club Flight Department will work with you to arrange the best options. Our Flight management fee is CAD 100.00 + HST, per tour.

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Travel Insurance:

Out of country medical insurance is required. We strongly recommend that you obtain cancellation and interruption insurance to protect your investment.
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Women's Travel Club Israel Tour
Prima Tel Aviv

Centrally situated across from the City's Famed Tayelet beach promenade and celebrated Frishman beach, this 63-room hotel in Tel Aviv Reflects the City's heart, style and soul.

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The Colony Hotel

The Colony Hotel Haifa is a historic and original building built in 1905 by the Templars and preserved for more than 100 years in the heart of the German Colony, the restored historic area in the center of Haifa, located 400 meters from the lower entrance of the World Center and the Bahá'í Gardens in July 2008, have been declared by UNESCO's United Nations as a World Heritage Site.

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Galilion Hotel

Offering views of Mount Hermon and the Galilee hills, this relaxed hotel is 5 km from Agamon HaHula, a nature reserve with a lake and birdwatching.

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The Dan Boutique

The Dan Boutique Jerusalem Hotel with its youthful, cool ambiance introduces new levels of personal hospitality to Jerusalem. A true designer hotel with a special intimate identity, the Dan Boutique Jerusalem Hotel boasts elegant and sophisticated interiors and an atmosphere that is both cozy and informal.

Extra Hotel Nights

Often ladies will book a night at the first hotel prior to the tour. This gives them a chance to relax after a long flight and settle in before the tour starts. Let us know if you would like pricing and information on the hotel.
Follow this link to request pre or post tour hotel nights.

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