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Daily Itinerary

Day 1
Women's Travel Club Camino Challenge
Welcome to Logrono

Today is arrival day, you will be met at the airport and transported to Logroño. We recommend to arrive early in order to enjoy one of the most important towns on the Camino. Tonight we will have wonderful local dinner and get better acquianted. Relax and get some stretches in today as we get ready for some great walking over the next 10 days!

Day 2
Women's Travel Club Camino Challenge
Navarrete - Burgos - 16,273 Steps

Today we will walk the Camino until Navarrete. This day you will enjoy walking through a gorgeous forest to finally get to the the Parque de la Grajera park, which is a perfect place to rest. When you arrive inNavarrete, you will visit a winery to discover D.O Rioja wines. After the visit, the transfer will pick us up and transfer us to Burgos for the evening.

Day 3
Women's Travel Club Camino Challenge
Burgos - Hornillos Del Camino - Leon - 27,560 Steps

Today is the first of our big walk days the Camino from Burgos to Hornillos del Camino. In this stage, we will walk deep inside the Castilian landscape full of huge plains and cereal fields. Once we reach Hornillos del Camino, the transfer will pick us up to go to León.

Day 4
Women's Travel Club Camino Challenge
Leon - Hospital de Orbigo - Astorga - 21,654 Steps

The transfer will drive us to Hospital de Órbigo to start today's trekking. Astorga, this stage's final point, has a great history having been founded by the Romans. We will have dinner and accommodation in Astorga, free time enjoy the historical monuments of the city.

Day 5
Women's Travel Club Camino Challenge
Astorga - Rabanal Del Camino - Ponferrada - 26,247 Steps

After a good night sleep and an energetic breakfast to recharge your batteries, you will be ready to start walking towards Rabanal del Camino. This village was considered the end of the ninth stage, as indicated by the Codex Calixtinus. For this reason it had many hospitals and pilgrims centers through history. Once you reach the final point, the transfer will pick you up to go to Ponferrada and visit a winery where you can try D.O. Bierzo wine.

Day 6
Women's Travel Club Camino Challenge
Ponferrada-Villafranca del Bierzo - Vega de Valcarce - 21,391 Steps

The transfer will drive you to Villfrance del Bierzo to start today's Camino. Now there are less than 200 kilometers to get to Santiago de Compostela. Once you reach Vega de Valcarce, you will go to Las Herrerías by transfer.

Day 7
Women's Travel Club Camino Challenge
O Cebreiro - Triacastela - Sarria - 27,297 Steps

From this stage you will start the French Way in Galicia. In this stage, you will enjoy the wonderful landscape among the great valleys full of chestnut trees, oak trees, holly trees and ash trees; and also enjoy the architecture and old the customs. You will descend to a valley where Triacastela is located. Once you reach Triacastela, the transfer will drive you to Sarria.

Day 8
Women's Travel Club Camino Challenge
Sarria - Portomarin - 29,134 Steps

Today you will start the Camino from Sarria, starting point most chosen by pilgrims as it marks the last 100 kms of the French Way. This stage will take you to Portomarín in a journey full of beauty. You will cross many rivers through its medieval bridges. It is an easy stage with lots of establishments.

Day 9
Women's Travel Club Camino Challenge
Melide - Arzua - 18,504 Steps

We will transfer to Melide to start our trek. In this stage, you will walk through lovely fields and woods and loads of eucalyptus and other trees to get to A Peroxa that is a village located just before Boente. Here you can find the Fuente de la Saleta fountain a place where lots of pilgrims refill their water bottles.

Day 10
Women's Travel Club Camino Challenge
Monte do Gozo - Santiago de Compostela - 6562 Steps

Transfer to Monte do Gozo to start your walk for the last stage of the Camino! Monte do Gozo is known for being the place where Christian pilgrims get their first views of the three spires of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Congratulations! You have walked the Camino Trail!

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Virtual Camino Walk Challenge


Virtual Camino Trail Walk Challenge

November 16-24, 2020


Have you ever dreamed of walking the Camino Trail? This is your chance to walk the trail while you have some fun and get a bit of exercise. Our virtual walk will take you a total of 150 km in 10 days. Each day you will learn a bit about the towns and villages we visit. Some days the walks are quite long, so if you can't quite finish do the best that you can. All you need is either a step counter or an app on your phone so that you can track your steps each day.


What's Included:
  • A daily Itinerary
  • A Facebook group to make friends and for motivation and support
  • Daily updates of where you visit
  • Prizes!


Facebook Group

Join our Facebook Group and connect with others doing the challenge. We will post daily updates to keep you motivated and inspired. Click Here to join the group - Camino Challenge Facebook Group