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Women's Travel Club Top Ten Hotels in the World

Top Ten Hotels in the World

The Women’s Travel Club tour hosts have the opportunity to travel the world and experience amazing accommodations along the way. This is the Women’s Travel Club tour host's top ten hotels in the World...

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Bali Travel Tips Beach

Beautiful Bali Beach

Bali Travel Tips

You’ve seen the photographs… ‘take-your-breath-away’ blue oceans, long sandy-beaches, swinging above jungles, strolls alongside rice paddies and the most beautifully decorated smoothie bowls. A Bali getaway is all about living your best life - whether it be relaxing on the beach, exploring the best Bali destinations or just eating your way through the local cuisine. ...

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Top reasons to visit the English Countryside

Visit the Beautiful English Countryside

When thinking about a trip to England and where to visit, one always jumps to London. This is for good reason of course. London is a magnificent city, rich in history, culture, food and amazing experiences. It should most certainly be on your England travel itinerary. But, we’re here to tell you to not forget about the England countryside...

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Most Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

Haunted New Orleans

New Orleans is known as one of the most haunted cities in America. Stories of paranormal activity, ghosts and spirits are commonplace amongst locals and fans of the ‘dark tourism’ side of the Big Easy. With the haunted hotels in New Orleans being a particular attraction...

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New Orleans Travel Tips Mardi Gras Parade

Mardi Gras Parade

New Orleans Travel Tips

The home of jazz and blues, Cajun cooking, spectacular colours, lively streets and the ever-famous Mardi Gras parade. New Orleans is a city like no other - one that is guaranteed to offer up a good time ...

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England Travel Tips Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Quaint towns, rich history, age-old traditions and some of the greenest hills and gardens that you will ever see. England is an incredible country to explore.
Most visitors will head straight to the country’s capital, London. However there are many other places to visit in England. From exploring the Roman baths in Bath to the wonder of Stonehenge and the magnificent University of Oxford.
Our England travel guide is packed with the best England travel tips and everything that you need to know about traveling this fairytale land!...

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Wales Travel Tips Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle

Rugged mountain ranges, lush valleys, unspoiled coastlines, UNESCO-listed beaches, medieval castles and old-fashioned market towns - these are just a few things to expect when you travel to Wales. Wales often doesn’t get as much attention as its Celtic cousins of Ireland and Scotland. However, the country offers a diverse landscape, interesting history and rich culture. It’s definitely worth exploring!
Our Wales travel guide is packed with the best Wales travel tips and everything that you need to know to visit Wales!...

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Australia Travel Tips Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Australia is a dream travel destination with something for every kind of traveler. From vibey cities through to rainforests, mountains, deserts, ‘The Outback’, canyons and world-famous beaches. Australia is an incredibly diverse country, both in terms of its culture and geographical regions.
With so much to explore, you will probably end up planning a trip to Australia a few times in your life. Each time, exploring the different destinations in Australia.
Our Australia travel guide is packed with the best Australia travel tips and everything that you need to know about traveling Down Under!...

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Best deal on a tour

Know you are getting the best value

How to get Your Best Value in a Tour

You have decided you want to visit a certain destination and a tour appeals to you. However, as you start to look at tour options you get overwhelmed. You find so many tours for your destination of choice and all at different prices. How do you know which tour is right for you? Are you better suited to a budget tour or a luxury tour? Which inclusions are worth the money? ...

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Galapagos Islands Ecotourism

Uninhabited islet Bartolomé

Anyone who has any interest in nature, animals and our ecosystem probably has a desire to see the Galapagos Islands.  However, it is these thousands of tourists that flock to these islands every year that might be destroying them.  I usually write about all the wonderful reasons to see a destination, however, with the Galapagos, the reasons to visit them are obvious, it’s the reasons not to that scare me...

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How to pack for a tour

You should probably leave the cat at home.

We often get asked what to pack for a tour.  While what you need to take with you on a vacation can be very individualized there are a few suggestions for packing for an organized tour.  One of the big challenges with an organized tour is that you will be living out of your suitcase...

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