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The Women’s Travel Club has been developed for women by women. We offer innovative trips with the women traveler in mind. Our tours are a fun, safe opportunity for women who love to travel. Membership is always free!.

Our small group, women only tours consist of 10 to 15 ladies per tour and are lead by a Women’s Travel Club tour leader. The tours are designed specifically for the Women’s Travel Club. The have more inclusions that women enjoy, including sightseeing, shopping, cuisine and wine.

Looking for a little more adventure in your life? Try one of our adventure tours. These tours have more intensive excursions and activities included. Our short getaways are excellent options for ladies with time or budget restrictions. They are also a great way to meet some other members for the first time.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

Women Only Tours

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    Great Trips!

    The Women’s Travel Club offers tours all over the world designed for the women traveler. Our tours are experience intensive with exceptional inclusions. We offer a great selection of tours from the very active to the relaxed. Look for the rating on each of our tours to judge how active a tour is.

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    Great Rates!

    The Women's Travel Club works with suppliers to negotiate outstanding group rates for all of our trips to get the best value possible for our members. We will also match members with a roommate to save on single supplement fees. If you do wish to have your own room we work hard to keep the rate as low as we can.

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    Majority of Women's Travel Club members are women who come to us as solo travelers and are women of any age who love to travel. They are women of any marital status and background. They are women just like you that love to travel.

Our Team

Marianne Southall

Marianne Southall

Marianne is the founder of the Women's Travel Club. She loves travel that has anything to do with nature and animals. You will find Marianne escorting many of the Women's Travel Club adventure tours.

Debbie Groulx

Debbie Groulx

Debbie works hard to put together all the details for most of our tours. She loves photography and you will often find her off taking pictures.


Melissa Siepmann

Melissa Siepmann

Melissa is an avid traveler and is happiest when touring the World. She is a thrill seeker, nature lover and shark activist.


Irene Murray

Irene Murray

Irene has recently retired and really enjoys to travel to fill her time. She loves to stay active and is looking forward to trying some competitive running.


Kirsten Ness

Kirsten Ness

Kirsten is a veterinarian and owns a small animal practice. When she isn't busy looking after adored family pets she loves to explore the world. Kirsten is a fun and very knowledgeable tour leader.



100% of ladies that have traveled with the Women's Travel Club would recommend us to their friends!

Marianne Southall of The Women's Travel Club is very passionate about what she does, and loves to help people create the trip of their dreams, as well as put together great, competitive deals. If you want first class service, I highly recommend Marianne.

Kim Snyder


Thank you for planning our flight across Canada and then down into Florida to our destination of “Disney World” this past June. Our hotel was incredible and your recommendations for rides we would enjoy was very helpful, and best of all your suggestion for places to dine for lunch and dinner were very much appreciated. Everything was so incredible that I went back again this past November and I left “Disney World” with the feeling that twice is not nearly enough :)

Bev Wilkinson


All around the trip was well planned and well orchestrated. Everything went smoothly, I did not feel rushed in the mornings, ample time was given to visit shops for shopping, and the two coordinators were well prepared and dealt with any issues that came up. The group of women varied in age but was a good blend. Found everyone in good humour each day and was no doddlers which made the trip enjoyable. Our travel guide was a very well informed although at times it took a while to complete his story, he always started where he left off which was good. He was a driver that made me feel comfortable (not a wild driver). All in all the trip was excellent and I will be recommending the women's travel club to my family, friends and acquaintances.

Murielle Marceau


I thoroughly enjoyed this tour and will be very likely to look into another for next year. Debbie and Marianne, you are very thoughtful and great to go away with especially since I am a travel virgin!!

Beverly Ashey



Are all of your departures guaranteed?

Some of our trips require a minimum number of passengers. If that is the case we do not process deposits until we have that number of passengers. We always do our best to ensure that all of our trips go on as planned.

Is it safe to enter my personal information on the online form?

Yes, our website is hosted on a secure server which makes it safe to send you personal information. If you would prefer to book in person or over the phone that is always an option too.

Why a travel club for women?

Through our own clients and networking clubs we have realized a general desire for women to travel but they don’t always have a companion. We developed the Women’s Travel Club for these women to have a fun and safe group to travel with. We offer a wide range of destinations, so that there is something for everyone.

Is the Travel Club just for single women?

No, many of our members are not single. Sometimes it is just a case of their husbands not being able to travel with them as much as they would like. We also have many women who enjoy to travel in a group with other women.

What is the average age of the women in the club?

We have women of all ages, with the average being 45 to 65 years. However, we do have regular travelers anywhere from 30 years to over 80 years of age.

Can I be a member if I don’t live in Canada?

Yes, we have members from all over Canada and the USA. Members from all over North America can take advantage of our lower Canadian pricing and the fact that we are TICO insured.

Why do most of your tours not include flights?

We do not include international flights in most of our tours to ensure the most possible flexibility and best possible price for our ladies. We have travelers from gateways all over Canada and the USA and this way we can negotiate the best possible rate for their desired class of service. We also occasionally have specific requests, such as extending a stay or returning to a different location.

Can I have my own single room if I am part of the group?

Yes, we always negotiate the best possible single supplement rate for our trips.

Can you find me a roommate if I don’t have one?

Yes, each of our booking forms has an area for you to request to be matched with a roommate. We get some general information that will help us match you with a great new friend.