Women's Travel Club



Cherry Blossom Festival

10 Days

March 27 - Apr 5, 2019

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Journey to the land of the rising sun, a country rich in history. Experience a taste of Japanese culture while staying in a traditional ryokan. Wander through fantastic gardens and be in awe of the abundance of serene temples and shrines. This lovely tour is planned during the famous Cherry Blossom Festival.

Signature Moments

  • Experience the stunning contrasts of Tokyo, where ancient temples stand alongside ultra modern cityscapes
  • Admire the majestic scenery of Mt Fuji and soak in therapeutic hot springs and spa baths in Owakundani
  • Enjoy the stunning architecture of Hikone Castle nd the world renown Miho Museum
  • Be transformed into a stunning Geisha for an afternoon
  • Learn the complex history of Hiroshima

Learn all about this tour and the Women's Travel Club -

This interactive online presentation will give you an overview of the Women's Travel Club and what makes us different plus an indepth look at this fantastic tour.

Highlights and Inclusions

  • 9 Nights superior accommodations
  • Visit the Imperial Palace
  • View Mt Fuji
  • Ride the Hakone Ropeway
  • Boat ride on Lake Ashi
  • Visit Tokyo Tower
  • Visit Hikone Castle
  • Ride the Bullet Train
  • Visit Miho Museum
  • Visit Golden Pavillon, Ryoanji Rock Garden, Kiyomizuder Temple
  • Tour a Sake Brewery
  • Experience Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade
  • Visit selected temples, parks and shrines
  • Stay in a Traditional Ryokan
  • Tour ancient city of Kyoto
  • Tour beautiful Gardens
  • Cherry Blossom festival
  • Green Tea Ceremony
  • Oboke Gorge Boat Ride
  • Wagyu Beef Dinner
  • Geisha and Maiko makeover experience
  • Sushi making workshop
  • Women's Travel Club leader

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